Workshop Wiimote Hacking
Ecole Supérieure d'Art d'Aix-en-Provence
January 2008




Nintendo Wii:

Super Wii:




Here are the correspondences and modifications of the controls of the Wiimote:

The electrodes of the capacitive sensor control the directional buttons:

UP à Capacitive sensor
DOWN à Capacitive sensor
RIGHT à Capacitive sensor
LEFT à Capacitive sensor

Buttons “+” and “–“ have been soldered to a contact switch and relocated on the body. Connectors (can be mini jack, RCA…) have been used to allow different length of wire to be plugged depending upon where on the body you want to place the switches.

+ à Contact switch
- à Contact switch

The original vibrator of the Wii has been deported on the body thanks to a connector (can be mini jack, RCA…)

LED 3 à controls another vibrator (bigger than the original one included in the Wii)
LED 4 à controls the heater (the heater which has been used works in 9V with an extra battery and has a temperature sensor to regulate the T°. This T° sensor is controlled by the PIC 16F88 added)

A à Humidity sensor (analogue sensor used as an I/0 output: it connects the A button above a certain predetermined threshold)
2 different threshold s have been programmed:
Sensor connected on C3à Threshold 1 >10
Sensor connected on C5à Threshold 2 >50

B à Pressure sensor (analogue sensor used as an I/0 output : it connects the B button above a certain predetermined threshold). Sensor connected on C4