Hackinglab is a project from France Cadet and Jean-Pierre Mandon, both professors at the robotics laboratory of the Aix-en-Provence School of Art, France. It gathers all technical developments and workshops they have done.

Born in 1971, France Cadet, is a French artist whose work often reflects on the limits of science: the danger of potential accidents, animal and human behavioral study, the artificialization of life, the noxious effects of cloning, and experimentation with animal eugenics. In addition, she has been conducting robotic workshops for several years. Now a professor at the Aix-en-Provence School of Art, Ms. Cadet came from a background in science before turning to artistic studies. Her multi-media installations, often ironic and ludic, combine these two interests. She has recently exhibited in Tokyo, Korea, Ars Electronica, Lille2004, ARCO 04, Gallery Roger Pailhas, La Vilette, Palais de Tokyo… Her work was rewarded by VIDA 6.0 - an International Competition on Art and Artificial Life, at Digita Awards 2004 in Tokyo, and has been purchased by the Museum of Badajoz in Spain: the MEIAC.


Born in 1964, Jean-Pierre Mandon is an electronic engineer. He is currently Professor and Researcher at the Aix-en-Provence School of Art where he teaches programming, interactivity, networks, electronics and robotics. He has been teaching there for more than 12 years conducting several robotics workshops since the creation of this robotic lab: LOEIL (Laboratory Object Environment Intelligent Language). He has developed different interactive prototypes for numerous robotic installations and has worked many times in collaboration with France Cadet, as well as with other artists (Louis Bec, Peter Sinclair..).11 years ago he pioneered interfacing a virtual and robotic device with the electric signals of a Mormyridae - an electric fish. He created a biosynthetic chimera composed by a virtual living being controlled by the electric signals of this electric fish. Recently he has developed a special smd version of his wifi PicoIP module for France Cadet’s multi-robot installation ‘Dog[Lab]02’ involving a group of robotic wifi dogs controlled in real time - a follow-up to a highly successful prize-winning installation entitled ‘Dog [Lab]01’ which attracted international acclaim.