What isgates wrt
Gateway for Art and Technical Embedded Systems

GATES is a software and hardware tool set for electronic networking applications. It is a set of software and hardware modules that together provide a rich range of functionnality for driving systems on the network.
It is based on a modified linux embedded system, with additional functionnality added by software or hardware modules. It can be implemented on a lot of standart equipments like Linksys router WRT54GL or LA FONERA. It is a gateway beetween network and serial systems.
The goal of the GATES project is to demonstrate how linux can be used to control systems and how to install tools to build your own automation process.
A lot of application could be found where GATES could replace a computer. Some of those applications are:

Home automation control,
Art installation control,

Remote video and sound,

Remote control of industrial process.

GATES project is not only for software developpers or electronics engineer. But its goal is to create simple tools, usable by everybody. If your application is made with GATES, you are an appreciated contributor and your description will be the beginning of another project !!
If you have written a bash script to drive a led, your contribution will be appreciated !!
If you found a bug during test on GATES, this is a good thing for everybody, congratulations.....

This is the beginning,
enjoy yourself !!
                                                                                                                            Jean-Pierre MANDON

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